Ice Crown E3 2016 Build 5325 v2 is the E3 2016 Final Beta, It was Released on 2016-06-17.

This Build allows Supporting for Warcraft 3 Version 1.27a Patch & Photokatsu Edition.

Changelog for v6.2 Build 5325 v2Edit

- Build of Ice Crown is: 5325.9882
- Service Pack is: SP9 Beta 0.41

  • Ice Crown now Supports 1.27a & Photokatsu Edition!
  • Updated Loading Screen to see Otome Arisugawa (Planned)
  • Minor Custom Ability Fixes for Orc Race.
  • Water Color has Changed Teal/Cyan to Yellow.
  • Fixed Peasant Building for Gryphon Aviary (Melee)
  • Cloud Duration Time has set 15 Seconds.

Major ChangesEdit

  • Peasant can now Building Gryphon Aviary (Melee)!, instead Gryphon Aviary (Custom).



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