Promotional Poster for Aikatsu Season 3.

The Featured Characters was most likely when if is Featured, As soon the BTN Icon has changed, for example: Thrall Icon become Ichigo Hoshimiya Icon.

Most Characters have included Category, See here if you want check out.


You will notice what Icon has changed that differences, As you can see, the icon Command Button will replaced with Newer one, but not other Files with using expansion set.

The Expansion Set has included it for Ice Crown, as you may know, some CommandButtons for BTN Icon is under development.

BTNThrall was changed to BTNIchigoHoshimiya, this is suppose converted with original file name.

Aikatsu! CharactersEdit

To see Units and Heroes for Warcraft 3, See here, You may notice some units are not completed add. so we are working on it.

In case, this is Character Tab for Aikatsu, pick any characters you want see it, Some Character was probably not completed, so in case it was nothing create Icon for sometime in future for Photokatsu LINE.

Aikatsu Stars LINE IconEdit

Fortunately, don't remember what some official icon would be Newest in future.

Characters that must included:

Needed Icon:

Doki Doki Literature Club!Edit

Cinderella PhenomenonEdit

Fire EmblemEdit

Sacred StonesEdit


Pretty RhythmEdit

Love Live!Edit